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Tip 17: Checklist for Good Web Design

For good web design, it needs to answer ‘yes’ to most of the following questions:

  • Should the online and offline corporate image be consistent?
  • Should the website have a consistent layout?
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Does the home page show why your site exists?
  • Can visitors find out who you are and how to contact you quickly?
  • Is the website accessible for your customers, your future customers and your investors?
  • Has the website been tested with different browers (e.g. internet explorer) and different versions (at least two most recent versions)?
  • Can the website be used without any plug-ins?
  • Does it avoid to overuse image maps?
  • Have the graphics been optimized for speed?
  • Does the website avoid to have “under construction” notices?
  • Does the website avoid to use counter?
  • Does the website avoid to use frames?(Content in frames cannot be bookmarked and the site spacing can appear unpredictably on different browers. Search engines cannot index pages with frames properly either.)
  • Does the website minimize use of blackground music and sound effects?(Give your visitors the option of listening to a sound but do not force it upon them.)
  • Does the website contain security information (especially for site accepting credit card orders)?
  • Does the website contain privacy policy (making visitors more comfortable submitting inquiries or joining your mail list)?

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