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Blog Setup

Why do you need a blog?

Search engines like websites with frequently-updated content. The most effective and least expensive approach to keeping your content current is to allow your web audience to create contents for you. The most common approach is to build a blog.

Your website can be considered as an essential part of your corporate online presence acting as an online marketing brochures with standard pages for information about the company, products and services after the blog setup.

The corporate blog acts as your public relations representative talking about the company, answering questions, and putting some personality into your brand. It is the face and voice of your company. 

It is also a good platform for a social media presence online because you can own the content, control the message, and respond effectively through a corporate blog.

Blog Setup provides a great way to build user-generated contact on your web site. It also helps your web sites to build links, rank well in the search engine results, build authority in its industry and trust with its readers.

If you want a professional installation and configuration of your blog solution, we are here to help you to build your blog.

What is our blog solution?

Our Blog Setup services include:

  • Install a blogging software
  • Create a database for use by your blog
  • Install a CMS theme
  • Install a robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing your blog
  • Configure a sitemap.xml to promote your blog’s search engine rankings
  • Set up the permalinks to improve SEO of your blog
  • Install our selected plugins to work with your theme
  • Configure spam protection to prevent comment spam
  • Create a customized RSS feed to promote your blog and allow users to subscribe to updates
  • Set up some security precautions for blog
  • Install your company logo and graphics
  • User Guide and documentation

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blog setup services

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