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Tip 18: Consider Mobile Web Presence on the web design phrase

The mobile website is the mobile-friendly internet site that can be accessible via mobile devices. Nowadays, businesses and consumers expect businesses to have a website. We can expect this will quickly happen for the mobile web as well. Hence, it is important to consider the mobile web presence on the web design stage.

The process of designing content for a mobile site is quite different than that of the computer-accessible website. For mobile web design, the monitor size and the various mobile devices make an obvious difference. The visitor’s behavior is also changed. They do not surf on their phones as if they look on their computers. They look for exactly what they need in as few clicks as possible and do not want irrelevant information or pictures that are impossible to deal with in a mobile environment. A large file or excessive graphics can easily cause a mobile phone to freeze or lock up. On the other hand, it is also useless if your mobile site is lack of content they want. It is important to think about where your site visitors are likely to be viewing your mobile site and what information they need.

What information should be included on the mobile site?

There are some ideas about what to be included on the mobile web design phrase:

  1. Maps/directions to your business
  2. Office hours
  3. List of items/ brands you carry
  4. Timely information about your business
  5. Special offers
  6. Recent Event information
  7. Click-to-call button
Besides, you should avoid excessive graphics, long articles, and large files, etc during the mobile web design process.

Another option is to adopt the responsive design during the web design phrase. The responsive design is the present design method for a website to meet different device requirements (such as mobile phones, tablet PCs and desktop computers).

Our web design plan not only adopts the responsive design but also the search engine friendly and some good web usability concept. Hence, it is your wise choice to select our web design service.

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