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Tip 14: Consider to use a CMS insteal of HTML during the Web Design

A Web Content Management System (CMS) is an online program which enables the users to input, organize, categorize, edit, and manage website content all through a web-based interface. Hence, it needs not the users to know HTML to create webpages and then upload all these webpages to a web server. Instead, the users log on the CMS and can add, edit, and delete the website content through the web browser. A CMS even allows multiple people to make content changes. Many websites can be created by a CMS.

Should you use a CMS to create your website rather than the traditional HTML?

The pros to use a CMS software are:

  • Low maintenance cost without employing web designers
  • Enable multiple people to add or maintain website contents
  • No technical HTML knowledge needed
  • Fast to update
  • Better access control
  • Consistent layout

The cons to use a CMS software insteal of HTML are:
  • High training cost especially for the new employees
  • Slower loading speed than HTML static webpages
  • Higher web hosting cost than simple HTML websites
  • More knowledges required for security issues, server, backup, SEO, etc.
  • Expansion restricted by CMS features
  • Difficult to move to other systems

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