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Tip 15: Consider a CMS software or Services during the Web Design

A Web Content Management System (CMS) can help the users to create and maintain the website easily. A CMS can take many different forms. For example, it can be a service (like Blogger) provided by the social network service providers. It may be set up by the users using the open source CMS or tailor-made CMS programs.

Should you use a CMS to create your website insteal of the social network service?

There are some reasons to use your own CMS software insteal of the social network service providers:

It is almost free of cost to create your own social network site. However, you may have greater control over the look and content if you use your own CMS. One of the examples is Facebook that restricts the contents to be displayed to different users. If you build your own CMS site, there are a lot of ways to customize your CMS website. You are also free to use different marketing methods and place advertisements on your own website.

If you do not satisfy with the simple social network site, the CMS program can provide more robust features, flexibility and extendabiltiy.

Own domain
Although it does not need to bother with creating and paying for your own domain for the social network site, you may lose all of your website traffic if you move to other service providers in future. It is obvious the main advantage of your own domain. Besides, your own domain can enhance your band and identity.

It is more stable in speed and connection using yourown CMS program than a social network at peak time.

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