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Tip 11: Consider Web Design by yourself

The web design programs are so common and easy to be used as word processers now enabling anyone to create websites. Although the software can make it easier to solve technical challenges inweb design, it does nothing to help users understand graphic design, organizing and optimizing computer files, or designing the website to be user and search engine friendly, etc. These are key to a website’s success. The site design programs can do what you want but cannot transform beginners into experts. The real skill is knowing what is a good idea and that comes with experience and professional knowledges of wide aspects.

Besides, it is more expensive for you designing your own site than employing an outside web design agency. There are some hidden costs if you do it yourself. If you are a sole trader or a manager, your time would be spent more effectively on expanding the business and contacting the customers. Designing a website yourself gives you most control over it, but it is quite expensive and you are limited to you skills and how quickly you can extend them.

For web design, it usually involves the following silks and experience:

  • How to use a web design program such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage
  • How to lay out a website
  • How to organize and link the webpages and documents
  • How to use the graphic program such as Photoshop to design graphics
  • How to write programs such as ASP, PHP, etc.
  • How to integrate with the database such MySQL, Access, etc.
  • How to set up shopping carts and secure website software
  • How to optimize the web site structure for user navigation
  • How to optimize the web site for search engines and directories
  • How to register domain names, secure certificates, etc.
  • How to put your website files on the server for internet access
  • How to handle with the internet securities
  • Handle new technologies and design trends as they arise, etc.

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