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Tip 10: Factors to be considered for effective Link Building

Link Building is one of the most crucial elements in internet marketing. Links from other websites are similar to a vote to your website and will positively affect the search engine rankings. It can also have a great impact on increasing the traffic to your website. However, obtaining quality back links is perhaps the hardest and time-consuming task. Many search engines delist the websites which participate in the paid link schemes. For effective link building, it should consider the following factors:

Link Relevance:
It is very important to stay away from the links from "high PR sites" with no pertinence to your own. This red flag is easy for Search Engines to spot and you could be penalized.

Link Quality:
Directory links, reciprocal links and 3 way links may have been effective a few years ago, but now they carry little weight. These methods of link building deliver marginal results, if any, at all. An unnaturally high percentage of reciprocal links can trip a Search Engine filter.

Blog Links:
Many blog networks have been created for the sole purpose of selling links. They are easy for the search engines to spot and those buying reviews with links are often penalized.

Lazy Links:
Links from "spammy" link pages, blog comment links, forum signature links, and wiki links all fall into the category of "lazy links".

Paid Links:
The fastest way to page one is through paid links. The harshest penalties are also reserved for those who purchase links. Whether links are purchased privately or through a broker, once your website has been identified as a link buyer, you will be penalized.

Hence, it should focus on getting high value one-way links from authority sites, related sites and industry leading websites.

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