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Tip 3: Legal issues to be noted before Web Design

When you set up a website, you become a global publisher. It is important to consider the legal and ethical issues that will help to keep you out of trouble before the web design and construction. The following questions provide a hit but no substitute for professional advice.

Do your domain name, search engine keywords and page title include unauthorized trade marks?

  1. Is the website content true and based on the facts?
  2. Do you get the permission to use other’s contents or photography on your website?
  3. Do you have any trade mark used generically?
  4. Do you get the permission of the website you are linking to?
  5. Do you include a disclaimer for the content of linked websites?
  6. Does your website clearly indicate how you will use the visitors’information?
  7. Do you inform visitors how they can delete their information provided?
  8. Do you include the sales terms and conditions for any legal disputes?
  9. Do you have a mechanism for fielding complaints?

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