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Tip 4: Consider the level of E-business for the Web Design

When developing the e-Commerce strategy, it has to take into account your online objectives, your budget, and the size and type of operation. It is important to understand your business needs before you implement your web design and production. They are listed as follows:

Interactive Order Taking
It is the introductory level of conducting e-business with minimal efforts and limited budget. It consists of the ability to take orders or reservations through email or an online form on the website. The business does not need to worry about selecting and setting up an e-commerce software package, finding and paying to use a payment processing company, or ensuring that all of their online and offline systems are integrated and working properly.

Taking Electronic Payment
The next level of e-business incorporates the ability to accept online payment for goods or services. It is appropriate if you are selling products or services with a fixed price and inventory is not an issue. All supporting operations such as inventory, accounting systems, etc. do not involve integrating with the website.
It can process the payment manually or use the services of a payment processing company to handle credit card transactions on the website.

Storefront Selection and Payment Automation
This level of e-business is similar to operating a catalogue sales business online. Since company systems are not integrated, it has to constantly monitor inventory levels and ensure there is adequate supply, remove the out-of-stock items from the website, etc.

Total Integration
It integrates your online business with all or some of your supporting systems such as inventory, accounts receivable, and consumer database, etc. Companies who sell large volumes will find this model more convenient.

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