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Tip 8: Consider the pros and cons of a blog during the Web Design

A blog is a web site that posts articles of information related to particular products, services, news, careers, hobbies, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, images, movies, impressions, or ideas on a topic and solicits feedback from visitors. A blog hence creates a forum for online exchanges between the bloggers (person who has his own bog or writes for one) and the blog’s audience.

To consider whether to include setup a blog on the website, it should examine the following pros and cons:

The pros:

  • Blog can be a great way of expanding and updating your online and offline sales literature and hence increasing your sales. A “sales” blog not only gives background information about the products but also shows plenty of customer testimonials and images of the products actually being used. For example, the software developers might blog about hidden features that regular users might not know about. This kind of information is also sales material for prospective buyers.
  • Blog posts can spread corporate news and information faster than most traditional media sources
  • Blog is a very effective site tool for attracting and keeping visitors
  • Blog can help your website to maintain high search engine ranking by providing fresh content
  • Blog can demonstrate your professional knowledge and expertise, hence is a great way of raising your business profile.
  • Blog open a dialog with your customers and improve public relations. It can be a great way of receiving feedback and testing opinions about new products and services, as well as finding out what your customers really want.
  • Blog can provide customer service and support.

The cons:
  • It is very time-consuming task to regularly post to blog. A successful blog requires adding new and interesting content on a regular basis. A blog with little or no content can be more injurious to a business identity than no blog at all. 
  • It can involve some risk such as negative feedback.
  • If you prefer to set up a blog, there are many blog service providers (BSP) providing free blog services for you. However, it is not recommended because you can receive greater search engine benefit by hosting your blog on your own web site.

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