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Tip 1: Understand the different phases of a Web Design Project

Before you start a web design project, you should first have a good understanding of the different phases involved. There are generally the seven phases of the web design project and can be listed as below:

Planning Phase
It is the initial stage of the web site design project to define the objectives of the website, construct a website identity, determine the website content, its requirements, and how to attract visitors to the website.

Contract Phase
It is the stage to draft and approve the web site design proposal which outlines the scope of the web design project in written form.

Design Phase
It is the stage to make decision about layout, color, organization, content and finally mock up a web design for approval.

Construction Phase
It is the stage to convert the approved mock-up into webpages.

Testing Phase
It is the stage to test the web design on a testing server in the most popular browsers and browser versions at a variety of monitor resolutions to ensure that the website visitors can navigate through the website with no technical problems and no spelling and coding errors.

Website Launch
It is the stage of the web design to secure a domain and web hosting plan, upload the website’s files to a host server, and retest the website before launching.

Website Maintenance
It is the stage to keep the website’s content up-to-date, make improvements and enhancements to the website after the launching.

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