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Search Engine Friendly Web Design (Website Design)

Your Web Marketing Solution To Increase Traffic and Sales is the Certification Memeber of eMA to meet the highest standards of the association is the Better Internet Bureau Certified Quality Site offering search engine friendly web design and eshop ecommerce solution. BD International (, as a Hong Kong web design company & eCommerce solution provider, is the Life-time Corporate Member of the Hong Kong Chamber of Small and Medium Business Our web design & SEO professional is trained and certified by

Why Most Websites Not Sell?

  1. Most websites are not designed to generate traffics
  2. The traffics generated are not accurately targeted
  3. The website cannot help to convert traffic to sales
  4. No re-marketing and lead generation mechanism

We can help: differentiates from competitors - Our solution concern more on:

  1. Better search engine indexing and exposure
  2. Cross-devices support with largest exposure
  3. Web Usability to enhance users' experiences
  4. Sales & Customers centric for better conversion
  5. Professional Visual Design to convey brand value
  6. Social Media Integration for better distribution
  7. Web Flexibility for future expansion in features and marketing

Why Web Design is so important to you?

Web design plays an important role on your online business and emarketing despite many people overlook it. Today, most businesses and people are used to search products via internet. They learn your business and products by browsing your website. However, it will be helpless in attracting new customers if your website cannot be well indexed by the search engines and well organized to be easily searched and viewed by your visitors, and call to action.

It is very clear that your website should be search engine friendly (or SEO friendly) and mobile responsive web design with good web usability. In order to produce better result, it should also be sales and customers oriented. Your website lays the ground work on which you will develop your client's base, differentiate them from competitors, and expand their reach and influence. Hence, you should not overlook this powerful emarketing tool - your website design!!

Why not use Social Media to build website instead?

It is very common to use social media to distribute company and product messages. Hence, it sounds good to use social media to build a site instead. However, it is better to set up your own corporate website if you want to promote your business using search engines. It is because most social media such as Facebook are set to block search engines' indexing. It is also hard to optimize your social media page for different emarket strategies. Furthermore, some studies indicate that it is hard to build customer's trust on the businesses without their own corporate websites. As a conclusion, a corporate website is vital to your business success.

Our web marketing solution and services:

1. HTML Web Design

2. CMS Web Design

3. eshop/ estore/ eCommerce Web Design

4. Blog Setup

5. eMarketing (Online Marketing/ Web Marketing)

6. Chinese SEO / Baidu SEO

7. English SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

8. Google Adwords Management (Pay-per-click Ads)

9. Domain Registration & Web Hosting

10. SSL Certificates

Benefits that our website design & emarketing solution offers:

Traditional web designers are trained in the graphic design but not in emarketing and search engine optimization. They concern more on the visual design and prefer to use many large graphic presentation and flash effects causing site visitors to wait and leave.

Developing a search engine friendly website with good web usability is not simply a collection of different web elements. It involves careful planning of the whole website design structure and many key factors that may be overlooked in the initial web design stage but should be considered.

Our web design & SEO professionals are well-trained with search engine friendly web design, SEO (Search engine optimization) and web usability skills and techniques. We concern not only on visual professionalism but also on the user experiences and the search engine friendliness. Hence, we can help to design your sales and customer oriented website for better results.

Designing and constructing the website right the first time is much easier and less expensive than backtracking to make modifications or even whole website redesign in future. Besides, our website design and emarketing packages are so flexible that you may choose any one or combination of the above services based on your budget and requirements.

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Our Web design concerns:

  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Good Web Usability
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile friendly
  • Professional Visual Design award