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HKWebDesign.net is the website of BD Int'l to offer search engine friendly web design, CMS web design, mobile web design, website redesign, responsive web design, eShop solution, blog setupEnglish SEO & Chinese SEO, web hosting and other relevant eMarketing solution.

BD Int'l is a Hong Kong web design and ecommerce solution provider. We are formed by a team of international business practitioners, web designers and emarketing professionals under the law of Hong Kong. Our web design and SEO team was trained for the emarketing and SEO in the SEOCertification and eMarketing Association, U.S.A. and strictly adhere the highest standards of the association in a way that will instill trust and confidence.

Besides, we are the life-time corporation member of The Hong Kong Chamber of Small and Medium Business and the PayPal Developer Network since 2003.

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